We Found Our Next Home

When my husband and I found out we were going to be parents, we knew that we were going to have to find a new place to live. We had been living in a one bedroom apartment since we were married, and we had no intention of moving again until we were able to purchase a home. We were not quite at that point yet, so I decided to just look at two bedroom Edina luxury apartments instead. I knew that it would cost a bit more because I wanted to have some nice amenities at our new place, but I knew that the extra cost would be well worth it.

We had been living in a decent apartment, even though it was a bit small, but we were not able to have any fun on the grounds because, well, there was just nothing to do. We didn’t even have a swimming pool, which is almost unheard of for an apartment complex today. Continue reading “We Found Our Next Home”

This Place Makes Me Look Forward to the Future

I was not looking for a lot when I decided to look at three bedroom apartments in Jackson MS. I needed something that is affordable, which meant that I did not want something that had a ton of community amenities. I knew that I would be paying a high price for things that I either would not have the time to use or just did not want to use. Priorities change when you are a single mother to two young children. The girls had been sharing a room all their lives, but they are going to be going into the first grade soon. Our old apartment was just getting too crowded as they were getting older.

I wanted them to each have their own bedroom if I could find a three bedroom unit that was affordable for us. I do have a good job, and child care is not super expensive for me since my friends and I all help each other out with that. I also wanted them to have things to do there. Continue reading “This Place Makes Me Look Forward to the Future”